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This page is a list of projects completed with some terrific teams. Credits and details are listed with each project. This page will always remain somewhat incomplete because much of my work is performed under non-disclosure agreements. All work is copyright respective owners. Please ask for more information. Thank you!

UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy

Team-Based Care

An online resource for healthcare providers and pharmacists worldwide, built using Three.js.

In early development.

Instructional Designer: Catherine Macallister
Design, UI/UX development and programming: Jason Whitley
Graphics and 3D models: Joel Bethea Floyd, jr.
NC Controlled Substance Reporting System

A continuing education resource for North Carolina pharmacists, built using Angular Bootstrap.

The North Carolina Controlled Substance Reporting System (CSRS) was established by North Carolina law to improve the state’s ability to track prescribing and dispensing patterns of controlled substances in North Carolina. The tracking of controlled substance prescribing and dispensing is part of a larger effort to curb the abuse and misuse of prescription drugs by North Carolinians. This training program introduces you to the CSRS.

Instructional Designers: Catherine Macallister and Patrick Brown
Development and programming: Jason Whitley
Videography: Kevin Robinson
Communicating with Young People in Pharmacy Settings

A continuing education resource for U.S., U.K., Australian pharmacists, built using Angular Material Design, PHP, and MySQL.

Medication use is increasing rapidly among young people (ages 13-19) around the world. Young people often take an active role in managing their medications and assume increasing responsibility as they grow older. It is important, therefore, for pharmacists to feel comfortable communicating with this subset of the population about their medication use and health. This course explores two communication strategies that will facilitate conversations with ALL of your patients, particularly young people.

Instructional Designer: Catherine Macallister
Development, Design, and programming: Jason Whitley
Design: Kevin Robinson and Jason Whitley

UNC Information Technology Services,
Teaching and Learning Interactive (TLI)

Writing Center

Team: Content: The Writing Center
Instructional Designers: Catherine Macallister, Larissa Biggers and Kristin Hondros
Lead animator/creative lead: Jason Whitley
Animations: Jason Whitley, Tim Harper, Denis McDonough, Jamar Jones and Kerry O’Sullivan

Friday Center


Content: The Friday Center
Instructional Designer: Catherine Macallister
Lead animator/creative lead: Jason Whitley
Videographers: Andy Brawn
Team: Denis McConough, Jamar Jones


Interactive election maps

North Carolina primary
Mecklenburg County, by Precinct
South Carolina Primary

Editor: Taylor Batten
Database: Ted Mellnik
Design/coding: Jason Whitley

Comic-store clash


Editor: Mike Weinstein
Reporters: Peter St. Onge and Jason Whitley
Illustrations/design and Flash: Jason Whitley

Secret Life of Bankers (SLOB)


Editors: Steve Gunn and Crystal Dempsey
Reporter: Mike Sales
Designer: Luke Trautwein
Illustration/comic-book/coding: Jason Whitley

The feature, Secret Life of bankers was a four-page graphic novel in The Charlotte Observer's Eye weekly in 2008. It featured a green reporter, Scoopy, being romanced by the banking industry. The online component was a small Flash game, linked above.

Sun News

Graphics, Illustrations, design, and GIS mapping: Jason Whitley from U.S. Census Bureau Tiger lines, Mapublisher and Adobe Illustrator

Sea Urchins

Co-creators: Jason Whitley and Scott Eckelaert
Co-authors: Scott Eckelaert and Jason Whitley
Illustration/design: Jason Whitley

Version 1.0
VC: Bob Heyman
Coding: Dasith DaSilva, Mike Haverstock, Ed Rosenthal
Art direction/design/illustration/animation/coding: Jason Whitley

Version 2.0
VC: Bob Heyman
CEO: Daniel Marks
Coding: Dasith DaSilva, Ed Rosenthal
Art direction/design/illustration/animation/coding: Jason Whitley
Design/coding: Nu-designs (Drupal)

Author:Eva Emily Ellis
Illustrator: Jason Whitley

The Midnight Hour

Co-creators: James Chambers and Jason Whitley
Author: James Chambers
Illustrator: Jason Whitley

Illustrated novella and short stories, intermittent comic-book stories.

VC: Bob Heyman
Art direction, illustration, animation, and Coding: Jason Whitley

This project currently exists as an incomplete proof-of-concept Flash microsite.

Jack's Christmas

Poem: J. Paige Straley
Paintings and design: Jason Whitley

Solar Pointe at the North Carolina Zoo

Content: N.C. Zoo
Design: Stacey Brown, Betsy Powell and Lance Hill
Coding/delivery: Jason Whitley

Editorial Illustrations

Getty Images

Charlotte Hawkins Brown